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The race starts at the amphiteater by Stora Skuggan at north Djurgården, part of the national states park founded in 1995. You start off by making your way on the trails in the oak forests and circle around Laduviken before you reach Fiskartorpet and the climb up the old ski-slope. Here frequent ski-jumping competitions were held during1920s and 30s. Close to 30000 in the audience was not uncommon. After a passage through the woods it opens up again before you pass Stockholms horse stadium where the competitions of the 1912 Stockholm Olympics were held. Onwards you pass the the  passerar man development along Tessinparken on the upper parts of the på övre delarna av district of Östermalm before you enter the big open area of Ladugårdsgärdet, known to everyone as Gärdet. You are almost at the halfway mark and soon you will be able to drink and fill up on some energy as you reach the landmark Kaknästornet.  From there you soon enter a beautiful deciduous forest with narrow up-kept trails. When you have passed Hundudden you cross the bridge that runs over Djurgårdsbrunnskanalen. The trail follows the shore of Isbladskärret before it submerges into the lush deciduous forest which now mainly consists of majestic oak trees. At the well known and well-kept garden of Rosendal the trail merges  into a park and walkway. You run passed the parameter of Skansen and Villa Gothem before you pass the tram and run towards Galärparken, next to the Vasamuseeum, where the royal ship from the 17th century is preserved for future generations. At the finish you are treated to an extraordinary view of the city center of Stockholm, framed by the beautiful Strömmen.