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1st Edition | June, 17th 2017

Thank you for participating at EcoTrail Stockholm!

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Please note: There might be slight changes to the courses while they are being marked just before the event - always watch for and follow course markers and signs. Don't trust your GPS/watch blindly :)

Race BIB pick up

Friday the 16th: XXL (Hamngatan 31) - 12.00 PM - 07.00 PM

Race day: Stora Skuggan 05.30 AM - 11.30 AM (get your bib at least 1 hour before your start time).

Start at Stora Skuggan: 80 km 07.00 AM, 45 km 10.00 AM, 16k m + 16 km DUO 12.00 PM.

Finish area is at Kungsträdgården. The Ecotrail expo opens at 10.00 AM and you can buy food from our partner Bockholmen from 12.00 PM.

The finish closes at 10.00 PM.

Welcome to EcoTrail Stockholm!

One of the main thoughts with EcoTrail Stockholm is to show how extraordinary and beautiful the nature is so close to the city centre. To finish in the middle of the city brings a lot of people and you will feel the party mode when you’re getting closer to Kungsträdgården. The royal forests on Djurgården, running besides Stockholm’s highest building, the Kaknäs tower and Hundudden are all parts of the last 16 km’s. The “wild” forest is unique to Stockholm and our purpose is to make more people discover the nature that is just around the corner from the city centre..

Environmental focus

EcoTrail Stockholm has the nature and culture in focus. No one time articles will be used during the race and at the aid stations there will be no mugs, all the runners must bring their own cup or mug during the whole race. All runners will also get a free waste bag that you can attach to your running pack. The garbage is sorted and we advise all the runners to get to the start by subway, bus or bicycle.